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AGC Prevails In Trial Against Plaintiff's Claims Of Excessive Force By Police Officers


AGC has prevailed at trial on behalf of the Pomona Police Department against claim of police offficer's use of excessive force.

This lawsuit stemmed from a claim filed by a plaintiff alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress against a Pomona police officer. Plaintiff alleged that the officer held her in a "physical restraint hold" for an entire "30 minutes". The collective testimony of the officer and his supervisor established that the officer did not use any type of physical restraint (including handcuffs) against plaintiff during the incident and called into serious question plaintiff's recollection of the events at hand. 

Sharon Medellin specializes in civil litigation in defense of dangerous conditions on public property and police litigation.

Ms. Medellin can be reached at (562) 699-5500 or

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